The Old Roman Catholic Church in North America welcomes those interested in ordination/incardination to reach out to us on the contact page. Ordination is open to men regardless of sexual orientation. Applicants can either join the ORCCNA or the Society of Mercy. The process for ordination is the same:

The process for ordination is as follows:

  1. An applicant will inquire and will have a period of discernment. During this time, the candidate will familiarize himself with Old Roman Catholicism as well as maintain frequent contact with clergy.

  2. An application will be completed which details the candidate's educational, personal, and theological histories as well as consent from their helpmate (if applicable) to begin the journey.

  3. A background check will be performed at the candidate's own expense.

  4. A determination of the candidate's theological and intellectual abilities will then be made based on their history, so as to identify if any areas of knowledge need strengthening. Candidates without any study from an accredited seminary will be admitted to St. Gabriel School of Theology for a Licentiate in Theology (L.Th.). Candidates with demonstrated studies at a seminary program or those who completed seminary at a non-Catholic institution will complete the Diploma in Ministry at St. Gabriel School of Theology. L.Th. coursework includes: Spirituality, Professional Responsibility, Philosophy, Theology, Scripture, Church History, Preaching, and Pastoral Studies.

  5. A course on child protection will be completed.

  6. At this point the candidate will be accepted or denied for the diaconate based on the evidence presented. At no point in the process is ordination guaranteed.