The Old Roman Catholic Church in North America, a present day successor of the historic Catholic Church and its undivided apostolic Faith, is committed to the life-long process of developing the individual's personal relationship with God. Realizing the frailty and fallen nature of humanity, the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Word, Sacrament and Service. Further, the Church proclaims the teachings of the historic undivided Church as expressed by the Seven Ecumenical Councils. The Church also affirms the primacy of conscience and the formation of right conscience. Mindful of the present divisions within the Body of Christ, the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America remains faithful to the teachings of Our Lord concerning the peace and unity of the Kingdom of God, and is therefore aware of its role in furthering ecumenical relationships.

What We Believe

Old Roman Catholics are, first and foremost, Catholic Christians who believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Father, is "the Way, the Truth and the Life," the Savior of mankind. Throughout the centuries, we have reaffirmed the teachings of the Councils and have preserved such traditions as the Tridentine Mass (in both Latin and English), special devotions to Mary and the saints, and the use of devotional aids such as holy pictures, statues and relics. Historically, we have rejected trends that dilute the ancient wisdom of the Church, thereby encouraging laxity in the practice of faith and irreverence. For example, in adoration of the Lord whose Body and Blood are present in the Eucharist, we receive Holy Communion in the traditional manner, kneeling at the altar rail. For these reasons, Roman Catholics who mourn the loss of a "sense of the sacred" rediscover it in the liturgical beauty and theological substance that once attracted so many converts to the faith.

The Old Roman Catholic Church in North America, however, is no mere museum piece. Our faith is as dynamic as it is timeless because or our commitment to proclaim the Gospel and provide a spiritual home for those seeking for one. Often, these are Roman Catholics in conflict with their own consciences over certain of the Church's teachings, such as its ban on artificial birth control. In the tradition of St. Augustine, the Old Roman Catholic Church affirms the primacy of conscience. This means that, assuming the formation of right conscience according to the teachings of the Church, the Old Roman Catholic Christian is free to exercise his conscience in the furtherance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and in loving service to Him and to others.

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